PR-24 Instructor Training

Aerosol Weapons OC Instructor Training




Why carry a PR-24 Baton if you don’t have the right training?

Larry Smith Enterprises is a recognized trainer of the PR-24 Police Baton and  gives training in all facets of the side-handle baton.  Our agency can train you as a User in the Basic Course, Instructor or Instructor-Trainer.  We provide training at your training facilities and give incentive to hosting agencies with discounted or FREE training. 

We give referrals to instructors within your local area. We can help you to set up classes.

Please contact us at:


Address- P.O. Box 710141, San Diego, CA 92171

Phone: 619-665-1973

Remember, training is cheap when you think what it

could cost your agency if an officer misuses a baton

in the line of duty.



• PR-24 Police Baton Instructor

• Expandable Baton Instructor

• Police Defensive Tactics Instructor

• Pepper Spray (OC) Instructor

• Techniques & Tactics for            Handcuffing Instructor

  1. Use of Force Instructor

  1. Compliance & Control Holds    Instructor

• The SureLock Instructor


When Control Matters