Welcome to our web site.  Please review the training courses that we offer and consider hosting a training class at your agency.  We offer instructor classes and training material that meets the needs of law enforcement and private security.

The PR-24 Police Baton Instructor

The PR-24 Police Baton is a tool to used as offensively weapon.  It is excellent for applying take downs and control holds.  The blocking surface to very adequate to protect against strikes with A bludgeon weapon.  The PR–24 is often used as a riot control instrument. In later times it was produced as an expandable Baton which gives it better ease  to carry on your belt. Our instructor course teaches you how to use it in tactical simulations and how to present the training in the classroom.

Defensive Tactics and Control Holds


The defensive tactics and control techniques instructor training program gives an officer the basic needs to defend him/ herself while carrying out their duties. It also trains an officer how to handcuff and overcome resisting subjects. These techniques are recognized as the state of art defensive tactics for arrest and control. As an instructor you can teach others in the defensive tactics and control techniques program.

The Expandable Baton






The expandable baton instructor training course covers the complete spectrum of the straight batons from expandable to rigid. The techniques are easy to learn and effective. Since the space on the officers’ duty belt is become smaller, there is a need for a lighter baton to perform as an impact weapon. The expandable baton can also be used for control techniques. The training course covers all brands and makes of batons. Once trained as an instructor, you can teach others in the uses and concepts of the straight baton.

Traffic Control

Traffic control is a very important task. Police departments over the country are being strapped with budget restraints. This opens the door for more private security companies to direct traffic at shopping malls and special events. This course is designed to teach the student proper way to direct traffic, understanding the elements of intersection control, the use of the police whistle and how to set up roadway flares or traffic cones to channel traffic. During the training each student will demonstrate their ability to direct traffic using hand gestures and the flashlight. If the student successfully completed the testing process, he/she will receive a certificate of achievement.

Aerosol Weapons OC Instructor

OC pepper spray is essential for officer safety. Officers should be properly trained in any restraint option that requires physical skills and other critical information. That is why it is very important to have a documented training from a professional certified instructor. To help you understand the importance of controlling a subject, we use practical application techniques. To assist instructors to be more effective teachers, we covered instructor development in our course. Upon completion of this course Officers will be able to teach others how to use OC pepper spray. This course is a generic course and is not product based. You can use the OC aerosol canisters issue to your department personnel, regardless of the brand-name.